Meet the history of furniture; rediscover the artists and creators who shaped twentieth century design and who are still today an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers around the world. Savoir-faire and noble materials, economic crises and evolution of society; all of which have shaped these iconic pieces from these flamboyant decades.

Wabi-sabi or the art of imperfect perfection

Quintessence of Japanese aesthetics, the Wabi-sabi style invites to rediscover and the simplicity of things by...
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Elm, a rare and precious material for exceptional furnishings

Precious, versatile and durable, elm is a material that has become particularly rare, affected by Dutch elm disease...
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The Gras lamp, from workshops to art galleries

Intended for twentieth-century workshops, the Gras lamp is now world-famous; a history closely linked to the...
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Rattan, a noble material shaped by many designers

Exotic, inspiring, authentic ... rattan has gone through the history of furniture, reinvented by talented designers...
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Andre Sornay, avant-garde designer and cabinet maker

Discover the avant-garde and functional vision of a renowned cabinetmaker from Lyon
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