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It all started from a simple observation: nowadays, only exceptional furniture can claim to match the quality of pieces from yesteryear, but their sometimes out-of-fashion lines have more difficulty integrating into our interiors.

Often, in our search for furniture for the gallery, we come across this type of out-of-date pieces. Made from noble woods such as elm, oak, walnut, or mahogany, they have the patina of 'me, the charm of their history.

We then took on the challenge of giving them a second wind and offering them a new life by shaping them in the image of our 21st-century needs while taking advantage of the excellence of the previous century, with the help of our team: cabinetmakers and art restorers partners.

Noble materials

Overproducing of furniture has led to a drastic drop in quality in recent decades. Trees were cut too early to meet the growing demand for raw material and a greatly reduced drying time contributed to a loss of wood density and less 'tight and even grain.

It is therefore with this knowledge of the material, and in the footsteps of Piet Hein Eek, George Nakashima, or even Alexandre Noll, that we carefully choose old furniture, particularly tables, in order to recover the wood to create new pieces.

The know-how of craftsmen

Thanks to his network of sources, David searches for and selects the pieces which are then transformed in the very heart of the Galerie 44 workshop, by our two cabinetmakers Maxime and Clément.

Drawing on their years of experience in the restoration of the gallery's most beautiful art furniture, they put all their know-how to work in creating these exceptional pieces.

They reinvent and shape this old furniture in the image of our clients, individuals and decorators, alongside Lola. In charge of sales for 8 years, she is the strong link between the workshop and customers. She knows their needs and expectations; large coffee tables to furnish living rooms like our Lyre coffee table, stools to add a brutalist touch to the decoration with our Monolithe model, or even oversized consoles, for rooms with large volumes, like the Tau console.

Exceptional Furniture

Each element made in our workshops is a unique piece.

We indeed offer several possibilities for tailor-made manufacturing of our line presented on Galerie 44: choice of wood species used (elm, oak, ash, walnut or mahogany) and finish (natural wood varnish or gold, dark stamp or black).

The pieces are then created in our workshop, upon ordering, within approximately one month, and marked with our G44 hallmark to ensure traceability and quality. It is also possible to make serial production.


Our first collection

Our first G44 collection is made up of tables and stools as well as a sideboard and a console, with names evoking ancient Greece.

The curved lines of our Olympia coffee table thus echo the shape of the stands of the Olympic Games on the Peloponnese peninsula, while the Hadrian console is inspired by the arch of the same name, a monument erected in Athens in honor of the Roman emperor during his visit to Greece.

Inspired by the world of fashion, certain pieces are dressed by our upholsterers with a quilted cushion in fabric from our partner publishers, as a nod to the antique columns found at the Gallo-Roman theater in Lyon where we carried out the photo shoot of our collection.

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